Ouassou - Orange / Grey

The Ultimate Kayak for Family & Fun at the Beach

Ouassou - Orange / Grey

Rigid TST
$ 379.95

Ideal for

Short excusions and close to shore adventure
Surfing in ocean waves
Family fun with rear swim platform for children


The ultimate sit-on-top kayak for family & fun at the beach

Product Specifications

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  • Complete dimensions 260 cm x 78 cm
  • Max Load 240 lbs / 110 kg

Key Features & Benefits

A fun and versatile beach kayak Ideal for short excursions and learning to ride the waves

Wide rear area For carrying children or for diving/jumping

Wide, spatula hull shape For extra stability and great handling in surf

Triple-level moulded foot rests To suit all sizes of paddler

Bow, stern and hull mounted carry handles For easy transportation

Removable fins (optional) For increased steering control and better performance in waves

Single-seater With space for 1 child passenger

Tough TST thermoformed construction To ensure maximum usage in maximum safety

Ergonomic, anti-slip seats

100% Made in France

100% recyclable At the end of useful life to respect the environment

Kayak Profile

Paddler's Level


Type of Activity


Technical Specs

  • Code 107051
  • Model Ouassou
  • Color Orange / Grey
  • Shape Sit on Top
  • Length 8'6" / 260 cm
  • Width 31.0" / 78 cm
  • Max Load 240 lbs / 110 kg
  • Capacity 1 adult + 1 child
  • Drainage Holes Yes
  • Plug Supplied No
  • Footrest Fixed Footrest
  • Technology TST
  • Product Type Rigid - Thermoformed
  • Country of manufacture France

Package Includes

Package Includes

The Ouassou comes with:

  • 1x Ouassou Kayak

    TWIN SHEET Technology

    Super Solid Build Quality
    • The deck and hull sections are formed and sealed together
    in one single operation = incredibly durable. The join line is
    invisible and 100% secure.
    • TST is creating a product that is lighter, stronger and
    smoother finished than rotomoulding.
    • Our polyethylene is anti-UV treated and highly resistant
    to knocks and scratching = exceptional durability.
    • Molded external fin inserts = no penetrations through outer
    shell and maximum strength.

    Products using this technique:
    Kayaks, O'pen Skiff, Dinghies