The TAHE range of kayaks is comprised of sit-on-top kayaks, which will be the focus of this guide.  

Sit-on-top kayaks are the ideal choice for most recreational kayaking adventures. They remove the confined feeling of a sit-inside kayak and eliminate the possibility of capsizing and the kayak filling with water.  The guide below will help you narrow your choices down within the TAHE kayak range. As always if you need further support please contact us.

Rigid Sit-On-Tops

Inflatable Sit-On-Tops 

Step 1: Rigid or Inflatable?

This is a good place to start narrowing your choices. In a nutshell, choose a rigid kayak for specific paddling styles (touring, surfing, etc.), longer life span and if you plan to leave the kayak outdoors. Choose an inflatable for casual paddling for a lighter weight, more portable option.   

Rigid Kayaks: Reasons to choose a rigid kayak

  • For maximum durability, in cases where  you plan to store it outdoors or will be paddling around sharp rocks, oyster beds, etc.
  • Higher rigidity for paddling in choppy conditions
  • With a wide range of shapes and sizes to choose from our rigid kayaks allow you to select a kayak that is more specifically suited to your needs (touring, surfing, etc).

Inflatable Kayaks: Reasons to choose an inflatable kayak

  • For ease of transport, storage and travel
  • Considerably lighter weight than rigid kayaks, while still being quite durable
  • For casual paddling
  • For maximum versatility our SUP-YAK hybrid allows for quick and easy conversion between kayak and paddle board use.

Step 2: Who will use the kayak?

Once you’ve decided on the construction (rigid vs. inflatable) it’s time to look at who will be using the kayak. 

  • TAHE kayaks include 1, 2 and 3-person models.  Our 2 and 3-person models can be used by fewer paddlers, so they can be a great option when you want the option of single use or use by two or three paddlers.
  • Select a kayak where the largest user(s) are under the Max Rider Weight recommendation.  This will ensure fun and success for all.  Smaller riders can use a larger kayak, but larger riders will not have fun in a kayak that is too small for them.  Keep in mind that if the kayak is TOO big for petite riders and kids it will be more difficult to handle and also transport.

Step 3:Where will you use the kayak?

Most people are looking for a kayak for casual use with family and friends.  All TAHE kayaks are suited for general use when sized properly, however some are better than others for certain types of use.

  • Touring and Fitness: Our Borneo is ideal for this thanks to a narrower and longer outline, making it fast and efficient on the water. The Tobago is another good choice in this category. 
  • Fishing: The Trinidad and Borneo are great for fishing, and our SUP-YAK is a stable and versatile option if you prefer an inflatable.
  • At the Beach: The Ouassou is a great little kayak for taking to the beach for fun and surfing small waves. Its compact size makes it maneuverable and easy to transport.
  1. Beach K2 Kayak TAHE - The perfect balance of stiffness, stability, and lightweight technology.
    Inflatable Hybrid HP-LP
    Beach K2
    $ 899.95
    Coming with a complete ready-to-go package, with plenty of space inside, you will be ready for an outing beyond the shorelines with your teammates.
  2. Java Fishing kayak TAHE
    Rigid TST
    Java Fishing
    $ 1,199.95
    An innovative single Person Touring and Fishing kayak.
  3. The Beach LP1 inflatable kayak complete package
    Inflatable Low pressure (LP)
    Beach LP1
    Special Price $ 399.96 Regular Price $ 499.95
    The Beach LP1 inflatable kayak complete package is lightweight and easy to use for one person with a maximum capacity of 220lbs/100kg.
  4. Kalao
    Rigid TST
    $ 1,299.95
    The SUP of Sit-On-Top kayaks for 2 adults and 2 children.
  5. 106846.png
    Rigid TST
    $ 999.95
    An affordable and easy to use 2+1 person sit-on-top for family and friends.
  6. BEACH LP3 Complete Kayak Package
    Inflatable Low pressure (LP)
    Beach LP3
    Special Price $ 559.96 Regular Price $ 699.95
    The Beach LP3 inflatable kayak is a lightweight, easy to use inflatable kayak for one two or three person use with a maximum capacity of 500lbs/230kg.
  7. BEACH LP2 lightweight, easy to use inflatable kayak for one or two person
    Inflatable Low pressure (LP)
    Beach LP2
    Special Price $ 479.96 Regular Price $ 599.95
    The Beach LP2 inflatable kayak is a lightweight, easy to use inflatable kayak for one or two person use with a maximum capacity of 330lbs/150kg.
  8. 107054.png
    Rigid TST
    $ 1,249.95
    A stable & versatile sit-on-top for one or two people with a capacity of 550lbs/250kg.
    Rigid TST
    $ 1,099.95
    A fast and stable family kayak for two adults plus one or two small children.
  10. Bilbao
    Rigid TST
    $ 849.95
    A Best-Selling Solo Sit-On-Top Kayak for near shore adventures.