7'6'' Paint Easy

The ideal board for learning to surf

7'6'' Paint Easy

Foam Soft
$ 469.95

Ideal for

Complete beginners
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Learning to surf has never been so EASY! With big volume and generous dimensions, learning to surf and catching waves has never been easier. Guaranteed fun from day one!

Product Specifications

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  • Complete Dimensions 7'6'' x 26'' x 110 L
  • Weight 16.1 lbs / 7.3 kg
  • Max Riders Weight 200 lbs / 90 kg
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7'6'' Paint Easy

This series of soft-top boards is perfect for people looking for a hassle-free board for learning to surf and getting maximum pleasure in the minimum time.

The Paint Easy is available in 2 sizes : 7’6'' au 8’6''. The bigger the board the easier the take-offs, the smaller the board the easier it is to manoeuvre.

Paint boards are uniquely well-adapted to complete beginners, while also giving you the potential for serious progression.

They’re manufactured in high-precision aluminium moulds to ensure 100% accurate production, perfect quality and great strength. Supplied with fins included.

Key Features & Benefits

Easy to ride shape for fast learning Extremely forgiving of beginner mistakes (nose-wallow, foot positioning…)

Precision-moulded body To ensure 100% faithful design reproduction

Fibre-glass and epoxy reinforced laminates Help extend product life

IXPE soft foam deck and rails For risk-free surfing

Flexible FCS G5-type fins For maximum safety and performance

Integral counter-sunk carry handle For easy transportation and minimum effect on your ride

High resistance deck skin To protect the graphics

Key Features & Benefits

Board Profile

Rider's Level


Wave Size


Technical Specs

  • Code 108215
  • Model Paint
  • Shape Midlength
  • Shaper Jon Henderson
  • Max Riders Weight 200 lbs / 90 kg
  • Length 7'6'' / 230 cm
  • Width 26'' / 66 cm
  • Thickness 4.0" / 10.2 cm
  • Volume 110 L
  • Weight 16.1 lbs / 7.3 kg
  • Finbox Configuration Set Up Thruster
  • One Foot Off Tail 21.33 in / 54.2 cm
  • Supplied fin(s) 3 x Softboard fin + screws
  • One Foot Off Nose 19.09 in / 48.5 cm
  • Product Type Soft - Foam
  • Technology Soft
  • Country of Manufacture China

Package Includes

Package Includes

The 7'6" Paint softboard comes with:

  • 1x 7'6" surfboard
  • 3x Softboard Thruster fins + screws

1- Leash plug / 2- Soft deck and rails / 3- 2 x 6oz Fiberglass layers + epoxy
4- EPS foam core / 5- Soft plastic fins / 6- 1 x 6oz Fiberglass layer + epoxy
7- Hard slick bottom / 8- Wood stringer

PAINT EASY Technology

Key Features
• Fiberglass & epoxy reinforced core = durability and
enhanced product lifetime.
• Soft IXPE foam top/rails and soft fins = comfort and
user-friendly performance.
• Durable protective deck layer = protects graphics.
• Soft, user-friendly fins with performance shapes =
safety and performance.


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