Jump on board the new revolution in SUP!

Jump on board the new revolution in SUP! The E-BREEZE stand-up-paddle board is an E-powered innovation. Taking its shape from our best-selling 11’6” Performer, it comes with an innovative and totally integral electric motor. Quality and performance assured! 

Extending your horizons in total peace of mind

Discovering new perspectives on a Stand-Up Paddle board, on sea, lake or river, is a beneficial experience in every respect. All the same, long-distance paddling, or when conditions become more difficult, can be a literal and metaphorical pain. Thanks to the E-BREEZE, you can enjoy every minute and have some great adventures at the same time. With its assisted propulsion system you can explore further, faster, and take on difficult conditions such as a head-wind or crossing a strong current.  

Active living

Making the switch to an electric paddleboard doesn’t mean loss of physicality: it can actually give you extra health and fitness advantages. Although the motor can make paddling easier, all your paddling delivers health and fitness benefits. By combining assisted propulsion and physical effort you can tone up your upper body and improve your overall physical condition. It’s a great way of staying fit and active, and extending your excursions. 

Technical reliability delivering unforgettable experiences 

The E-BREEZE has a battery pack that ensures enough range to keep you powered-up for several hours. Added to that is an intuitive, simple-use control system that allows you to enjoy the whole experience from your very first outing. Riding an E-BREEZE is board sport fun in its purest form! Activating the electric motor couldn’t be easier. Simply press the on button on your remote control attached to your paddle handle or on your wrist. You are advised to keep on paddling with the motor on to help keep you on your chosen course. The motor can help you advance faster and further, but you still need to steer the board. This electric SUP is especially well suited to flat water and small waves.

The board in detail 

The 11’6’’ shape and moderate rocker profile is inspired by classic longboard design. The Breeze Performer is designed and built in France using Ace-Tec technology. Tough durable construction and light weight are its key qualities. It’s a versatile design delivering hassle-free endless playtime! You can add elastic straps for carrying equipment. It comes with 3 fin boxes (Single fin US box + 2 FCS M5).  

Ready to try for yourself?  

The motor to take your paddling to a higher gear  

The E-BREEZE has a fully integral motor and watertight battery pack hidden inside the board with no extra water drag. The remote control has 3 speed options and the smartphone app is perfect for checking your battery level. You can set off for a great paddle with between 1 and 3 hours battery time depending on the speed option you choose!  
Comes as a complete pack including paddle, leash, fins, motor and remote control.