Sportyak 245 Blue


Ideal for:

For 3 Persons, up to 640lb/290kg capacity
A Lightweight and Stable Double Hull Dinghy


The Sportyak 245 is a mid-sized tender suitable for a wide variety of uses. More stable, stronger and lighter than conventional boats thanks to its double hull, twin-sheet construction

Product Specifications

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  • Complete Dimensions 245 cm x 120 cm
  • Max Load 388 lbs / 175 kg
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Key Features & Benefits

Catamaran hull For excellent stability

Drain plug above the waterline Allows emptying at anchor

Wheel Transport System For easy transport on all terrains

2 oarlock positions Adapts to the number of passengers

Hollow twin sheet technology Lightweight for its size>

Reinforced transom Accepts small motor (under 2HP)

Made in France

Technical Specs

  • Code 106472
  • Model Sportyak 245
  • Max Load 388 lbs / 175 kg
  • Capacity 3 persons
  • Color Blue
  • Engine Max Power 3 cv / (USA: 2CV)
  • Recommended Engine 3 cv / (USA: 2CV)
  • Country of Manufacture France
  • Technology TST
  • Length 8'05" / 245 cm
  • Width 3'11.2" / 120 cm

Package Includes

The SPORTYAK 245 comes with

  • 2x oars
  • 2x oarlock locations
  • 3x oarlock supports
  • 1x bench
  • Deck lines
  • Wheel Transport System with 2 wheels, stainless steel axle, two wedges, 4 nylon washers, a bag of screws and pins

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