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4.5 Race Sail

Ideal for

Sport and recreational practice
Official O’pen Skiff racing sail


The 4.5 m2 Monofilm sail is a high performance sail to get the best out of the O'pen Skiff. Made of monofilm, fully battened, it is a high-performance sail for regattas or for recreational sailing.

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Key Features & Benefits

Windsurfing type sleeve Very easy to set up

Wide head and a forced upper batten Easy opening of the leach

Fully battened (4 battens) Good profile stability

Made of monofilm Profile stability and durability

Technical Specs

  • Code 108203
  • Model Open Skiff
  • Country of Manufacture Sri Lanka
  • Material Monofilm
  • Program Intermediate / Race
  • Sail Size 4.5 m²
  • Luff 390 cm
  • Battens 4
  • Cambers 0
  • Base adjustment -