This guide is designed to help new paddlers find a board that will be stable and fun to use. 


Deciding between a rigid and inflatable is a great first step as it immediately narrows your choice based on your needs and priorities. In a nutshell, choose a rigid paddle baord for specific paddling styles (touring, surfing, etc.), longer life span and if you plan to leave the board outdoors. Choose an inflatable for casual paddling and if you prefer a lighter weight, more portable option.   

Reasons to choose a rigid paddle board:

  • For maximum durability, in cases where  you plan to store it outdoors or will be paddling around sharp rocks, oyster beds, etc.
  • Efficiency and glide when paddling in choppy water conditions, thanks to the increased stiffness of the boad.
  • When you need a board that is more specifically suited to how you plan to use the baord (touring, surfing, etc).

Reasons to choose an inflatable paddle board:

  • For ease of transport, storage and travel
  • Considerably lighter weight than rigid kayaks, while still being quite durable
  • For casual paddling
  • For maximum versatility our SUP-YAK hybrid allows for quick and easy conversion between kayak and paddle board use.


You'll want to select a board that will work for the heaviest rider who will regularly use the board. Lighter riders can have fun on a larger board, but heavier riders will struggle with a board that is too small.  All TAHE paddle boards list a maximum recommended rider weight.  This recommendation is for novice riders. More experienced riders and athletic individuals can and do use boards below the maximum recommended weight. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to include the weight of any gear and/or passengers you plan to bring along when considering the right board for you. For example if you have a 50lb dog and weigh 150lbs you'll want to make sure the maximum rider weight is 200lbs or more.


Most people want to simply enjoy time with family and friends on the lake, flat water bay or river. In this case nearly all TAHE boards will work if they are the appropriate size for the user(s). That said, there are a wide range of activities to experience on a paddle board. Understanding these activites, and deciding which ones are of most interest to you, will help you pick your ultimate board. 


There are so many fun ways you can enjoy paddle boarding! The list below is an overview of the most popular ways to enjoy the sport. The descriptions below will help you understand the most common ways to enjoy the sport and consider which ones you want your board to be suited towards. 


The original Stand Up Paddle Boards! The sport started when surfers in Hawaii began to stand on oversized surfboards and paddle them around when the waves were flat. Their surf-inspired shapes are now optimized for flat-water use, but still fine tuned for wave surfing performance. Chooose this style if you plan to surf ocean waves, or if you just want that surf style look and feel when paddling on the local lake! 


Those boards are wider, thicker, and have a less pronounced rocker than their all-round surf cousins. This gives them added stability and capacity in flat-water conditions. These are the most versatile boards for the widest range of activities. From family fun to yoga and fishing, all-round flatwater boards are the perfect platform for good times on the water! 


These boards are designed for long distance exploration paddling on any flat water, and for downwind runs at sea. They’re generally quite wide (for stability) and long, giving more forward speed AND steering control. The nose is often quite pointed, with a “V” shaped hull underneath, helping with straight-line course-holding and avoiding hitting chop full-face. They are usually very stable and are well-suited to beginners.


This is an optional extra you might find on some of the all-round “Surf” boards. They’ve got a mast-foot mounting, allowing you to fit a windsurf sail rig to the board. Some, like the 11’6 Performer, also have an integral, retractable dagger board, which improves their upwind performance.


Inflatable SUP boards have the considerable advantage of folding down to a compact carry bag size, of being easily transportable in the boot of your car and of fitting into a cupboard for storage. Great news for anyone living in a small flat or apartment! This also means they can also be easily taken on board a cruise ship or airplane. All good news and an ideal solution for our more nomadic, wandering paddlers. Built using the super-tough Dropstitch system that allows them to be high-pressure inflated, they are stiff and sturdy in use, although their performance and feel are slightly different from those of conventional rigid boards. They’re also great toys for kids to play on, they’ll love the boards’ “dodgem car” ability to withstand knocks and bumps.

  1. 11'0' Cross-Yak
    Rigid Tough-Tec
    11'0" Beach Cross-Yak
    All-Round FlatwaterKayak
    The innovative design combines comfort and convenience for endless playtime on the water. 100% Kayak, 100% Paddle Board, 200% FUN!
  2. SUP 11'6'' E-Breeze Performer TAHE
    Rigid Ace-Tec
    11'6'' E-Breeze Performer
    All-Round Flatwater
    With a motor fully integrated into the Performer's super stable hull, the E-BREEZE PERFORMER is the ideal board for endless flat water expeditions and small wave riding.
  3. SUP 11'6" Beach Sup-Yak + Kayak Kit
    Inflatable SUP Air
    11'6" Beach Sup-Yak + Kayak Kit
    All-Round Flatwater
    Special Price $839.30 Regular Price $1,199.00
    The 11’6'' Beach Sup-Yak Tandem + Kayak Kit is a stable and lightweight 2-in-1 inflatable kayak & paddle board package for 1 or 2-person use.
    Rigid Ace-Tec
    11'6 Breeze Performer
    All-Round Flatwater
    A great compromise board to enjoy flat water paddling and surfing small waves.
  5. SUP 10'6" Beach Sup-Yak + Kayak Kit
    Inflatable SUP Air
    10'6" Beach Sup-Yak + Kayak Kit
    All-Round Flatwater
    Special Price $699.30 Regular Price $999.00
    The 10’6'' Beach Sup-Yak + Kayak Kit is a stable, lightweight and easy to use 2-in-1 inflatable kayak & paddle board package for 1-person use.
  6. 9'0'' Beach Wing
    Inflatable SUP Air
    9'0'' Beach Wing
    All-Round FlatwaterTouring
    Special Price $489.30 Regular Price $699.00
    The 9’0'' Beach Wing is an easy-riding SUP with excellent glide. Ideal for smaller/lighter riders and kids of almost any age.
  7. SUP 11'6" Beach SUP-YAK
    Inflatable SUP Air
    11'6" Beach SUP-YAK
    All-Round Flatwater
    The 11'6'' Beach Sup-Yak is a stable and lightweight 2-in-1 inflatable kayak & paddle board package for 1 or 2-person use. Optional kayak seats, footrests and hybrid paddles sold separately.
  8. SUP 10'6" Breeze Performer
    Rigid Ace-Tec
    10'6'' Breeze Performer
    All-Round FlatwaterAll-Round Surf
    Best-selling classic design for all-around paddling and wave surfing in our light & durable Ace-Tec construction. For riders up to 200lbs/90kg.
  9. SUP 10'0" Breeze Cross
    Rigid Ace-Tec
    10'0'' Breeze Cross
    All-Round FlatwaterTouring
    Classic Keeled-Nose design for maximum versatility and stability in our lightweight yet durable Ace-Tec construction. For riders up to 220lbs/100kg.
  10. 10'0'' Beach Cross Sup TAHE
    Rigid Tough-Tec
    10'0'' Beach Cross
    All-Round Flatwater
    An ultra-stable design with a unique keeled-nose design for first-timers, family fun, fitness, yoga and fishing. For riders up to 200lbs/100kg.