The first ever international Techno Windfoil 130 event was a major success. All the coaches and young riders present were full of enthusiasm for the project, quickly identifying it as the best way of getting youngsters into monotype foilboard racing, using equipment that is tough, reliable, and reasonably priced. The new TWF 130 class is being quickly processed and approved and a programme of events being validated for 2021, to run alongside the existing Techno 293 OD class.



Following the cancellation of the T293 OD World Championships, originally scheduled for the end of October in Torbole (Italy), the local club Circolo Surf Torbole took the initiative to organise a “reduced”, unofficial International Techno 293 OD event on the same dates. Almost 100 young racers from 7 European countries jumped at the chance of some quality end-of-season Techno 293 OD and Techno Plus competition. The plan had been to also use the World Championships to showcase and launch the new Techno Windfoil class, and the replacement event filled that gap perfectly. Mission very much accomplished, with a week of perfect weather conditions and 100 highly motivated young racers. Every afternoon, was given over to test and demo sessions of the new Techno Windfoil 130 board and rigs, before the final day when they had the chance to try some monotype Windfoil racing… which proved to be a spectacular day, with plenty of wind and sun, a total of six rounds of racing shared between the two age groups, U16 and U13, and two fantastic finales.


The video speaks louder than a long speech!

Ivan Oprandi, president of the Italian Techno Class: ”The Techno foil is easy to ride, especially for those who have never “flown”, and great fun for those who already have experience with this type of equipment. It’s the perfect complement to the Techno 293 class, completing the supply chain feeding into the Olympic class. The price is reasonable, the materials are strong. Its potential for monotype racing and easiness of use are big pluses, helping guarantee clubs a way of keeping a large base of young athletes interested and active ". 


Ezio Ferin, ex-President of the International Techno Class who personally tested the board: "Having participated in the development Techno 293 OD, I hoped that the new foilboard would have 3 important characteristics : functionality, low cost, and to be totally suitable for children. That means firstly that it must be possible for children to sail from 5 to 35 knots; the next important feature is of course the price, and this board is as good value and affordable as the Techno was before. Last but not least, the board must be appropriate for children and this is definitely the case. The board is very easy to ride, the foil flies well and is very stable in flight, plus it has been tested in all conditions, even the most difficult such as strong and very gusty winds. Despite the big 7sqm sail that all the youngsters were given to use, the fleet even managed to race in the morning with the wind reaching over 20 knots and gusting higher. Better still, despite their very varied skill levels and technique, they also managed the much lighter afternoon wind, getting up into flight without problems and demonstrating the board’s extremely wide wind range. The intention of the new class is to enable people to race and be competitive even with the "old" One Design sails used on the Techno 293, thereby minimising additional expenditure involved in moving to the new class. This has clearly been achieved, all the youngsters managed the transition easily whichever rig they used, adapting perfectly and very quickly".