Explore the Advantages of Our Hybrid Products

Get ready for a summer of #EndlessPlayTime with our hybrid watersports gear!

The SUP-YAK and Cross-Yak bring together kayaking and paddleboarding for a double dip of fun. Parents can kick back and kayak while kids test their stand-up paddling skills. 

Our SUP Wind board lets you seamlessly switch between paddling and windsurfing. These versatile boards are perfect for families with diverse interests, ensuring everyone can enjoy their favorite on-water activities. Plus, their easy conversion and designs make them ideal for sharing and transporting, maximizing fun for all ages and skill levels.

Sail or paddle the Breeze SUP Wind 

Paddleboarding is perfect for calm days, but when the wind picks up, most people call it quits.

Not with the 11'6'' Breeze SUP Wind. Featuring a mast track and removable daggerboard, the 11'6'' Breeze SUP Wind effortlessly transitions between paddling and windsurfing.

This versatile board is ideal for coastal rides and provides a safe, enjoyable experience for those learning to windsurf. 

Tour around the coast with your family on the SUP-Yak Kayak Pack 

The Beach SUP-Yak 11'6'' and 10’6’’ are a stable, lightweight, and user-friendly 2-in-1 inflatable kayak and paddleboard package, perfect for one or two people.

With the SUP-Yak, you can do it all—stand up and explore, sit down and cruise with your family, or just lounge around and relax. This versatile board is a must-have for family adventures on the water. 

200% FUN with the CROSS-Yak 11’0 

The 11'0'' Beach CROSS-Yak offers the extra glide of a rigid board in an easy-to-use 2-in-1 paddleboard and kayak package. This all-in-one set includes a convertible paddle, seat, footrest, and leash, ensuring comfort and convenience for endless fun on the water.

Whether you're standing, seated, or lounging, the innovative design of the CROSS-Yak guarantees a fantastic time with family and friends. Experience 100% Kayak, 100% Paddle Board, and 200% FUN!