Windsurfing vs Wingfoiling

Make your choice!

There is no denying that Wingfoiling or Winging is one of the hottest watersports out there today, but does it blow the iconic sport of Windsurfing out of the water? Whether you’re an aspiring Windsurfer or a soon to be Winging addict, there are a few things to consider before getting started.

Accessibility & Conditions


Anyone can teach themselves to windsurf with the right beginner gear. That said, a few lessons will definitely aid in the learning process. The availability of instruction will depend on the area that you live, and they will adapt to the conditions and your previous experiences. Windsurfing is an activity that allows you to grow your skills in different types of wind conditions.


In winds as low as 6 knots you can experience your first sensations of gliding. By adapting your gear and growing your experience, you’ll be able to take on the strongest gales with winds up to 30 knots. Windsurfing in any wind conditions provides you with an addicting rush of adrenaline which will always bring you back to the time and time again. 


Kiters and windsurfers will be quick to pick up wingfoiling as they will find there to be a number of familiar nuances. Beginners may also find Winging to be more approachable than Windsurfing as there is less equipment required. All you need is a wing, a foil board, and a foil and you're all set.

Keep in mind the art of foiling is not always an easy skill to master and you’ll need patience and self-determination. However, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be able to feel the undeniable thrills of soaring above the water. You can also try using the wing in other board sport disciplines like SUP, skating, and skiing/snowboarding. 

Feelings and Sensations


There is nothing quite like the feeling of freedom you get from gliding above the water while being powered only by the wind. Catching a breeze while standing atop your foil board as the foil rises smoothly above the water is an addicting feeling that you won’t be able to get enough of.   


The feeling of planning over the water at full speed is something that you’ll easily become addicted to as you start to windsurf. You’ll be amazed at the feeling of lightness that will take hold as you catch a breeze and speed off across the water. 

Transportation & Storage


A downside to Windsurfing is that the equipment is bulky. You will need to make sure you have a roof rack or a spacious van to transport your windsurfing kit. As far as storage goes, a windsurfing kit will not take up any more room than an average kayak or paddleboard.


You’ll find storage and transportation of your kit to be simple and convenient. The wing, foil, and board are all small enough to fit in the back of a car or truck. They are easy to both assemble and take apart, making them ideal for travel and quick storage. There are inflatable board options like the ARIA air which bring extra convenience for both travel and storage.

If you're having trouble choosing between Wingfoiling and Windsurfing, why not try Windfoiling! We recommend the Techno Wind Foil 130 or 160, which will allow you the options of free riding or foiling in a wide range of wind conditions.