Boards by Activity

  1. Boards by Activity
    All Around - Surf
    The original paddle boards, designed from the template of longboard surfboards. These classic shapes offer a surf-inspired feel in flat-water conditions and true wave surfing performance in the surf zone. Slightly narrower and thinner than our All-Round Flat-Water designs, resulting in a more nimble and responsive feel while being slightly less stable.
  1. Boards by Activity
    All around - Flat water
    These “SUV” style paddle boards are very versatile, featuring wider and thicker shapes for more buoyancy, capacity and a dry ride. Perfect boards for the widest range of uses if you don't plan to surf waves. From fitness and yoga to fishing and family fun, these boards will give you plenty of options for Endless Play Time on the water.
  1. Boards by Activity
    Touring boards are designed to go further and faster compared to All Round boards. To make a board faster, it needs to be longer and narrower, so most Touring boards 11 feet or longer and less than 32 inches in width. The narrower width makes them less stable than their wider All Round cousins, but makes them more efficient on the water. The ideal boards for longer distance adventures and getting started racing.