Oxbow is the name for a river that takes a meandering path on its journey to the ocean. Born in the mid-1980’s in Normandy, France, the Oxbow brand found inspiration in this idea – a desire to wander and an understanding that life is about the journey, not the destination. Choosing nature and the relationship with the ocean as it founding value, the brand puts emphasis on the quality of its products and the pleasure they bring, providing new twists on fashion with an unconventional approach.

Oxbow developed alongside some of watersports greatest athletes, such as Laird Hamilton, pioneer of tow-in surfing, kitesurf, foilsurfing and stand-up paddle surfing. For 30 years, Oxbow has never stopped exploring new territories and supporting riders in pursuit of their passions.

Tahe & Oxbow, these two iconic French brands have joined forces to develop a new range of Oxbow Stand Up Paddleboards and Surfboards that embody the shared values, passion and philosophy of both companies. This exciting collaboration brings the best of each brand to the forefront with products proudly manufactured at the Tahe factory in France* with the unique Oxbow look, feel and spirit. We invite you to explore the new Oxbow range of surboards, paddleboards, paddles and accessories in the pages that follow.

*All ACE-TEC Oxbow Stand Up paddle boards are made in France


10'0" PLAY

The 10'0" PLAY Stand-Up-Paddle is a lightweight performance, durability SUP for one person use with a maximum capacity of 220lbs/100kg. Featuring a flat deck area and multiple deck attachment points, full rail-to-rail volume and ample width, unique keeled nose design and full waterline for increase speed, efficiency and glide.


Made in France - Sustainably Produced - Incredibly Durable


Made in France - Sustainably Produced - Incredibly Durable


7'0" EGG

The EGG 7’0’’ is an uncompromisingly modern shape, featuring seriously wide nose and tail sections, plus a squeaky-tight rocker profile, to give an excellent paddle take-off, exceptional planing, and even better manoeuvrability.


Carry and protect your board



Must-Have Safety Gear
Quality Materials & Components


Versatile, Durable & High Performance
Featuring a full carbon fibre range



  1. 103725.png
    Rigid ACE-TEC
    10'6" Search
    All-Round FlatwaterAll-Round Surf
    Surf-inspired longboard shapes for stable flat water cruising and wave surfing performance. For riders up to 200lbs/90kg.
  2. 103309.png
    Rigid C-TEC WOOD
    12'6" Glide x 27"
    Touring perfection for both calm cruising as well as serious adventures and conditions. For riders up to 170lbs/75kg.
  3. 105413.png
    Inflatable SUP AIR
    10'6" Play Air
    All-Round FlatwaterAll-Round Surf
    Stable, versatile flat-water fun in a compact, portable design.
  4. 103770.png
    Rigid DURA-TEC
    6'7" Shortboard
    A proven shortboard shape in our crazy rugged DURA-TEC construction
  5. 105419.png
    Soft Soft
    7'0" Chinadog
    All the qualities you need in your first surfboard: glide, speed, volume for easy take offs and easy surfing, plus a soft comfortable construction.